Writing is only one part of the editorial process. Editing is another, and so is organization (even if writers tend to work in organized chaos). That’s why we offer not just freelance writing services but editing and editorial calendars.

Sometimes, our clients have existing content but they don’t have the professional experience to make their story pop on paper or digitally. Enter: our skilled editors. Like our freelance writers, their goal is to ensure your voice remains throughout the editing process. They’ll help you cultivate an active, outgoing, and experienced voice that isn’t riddled with industry-buzz words.

We understand how important it is to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry, and still keep your content true to your core values. That’s why we offer editorial calendars as part of our services. An editorial calendar tracks all your content from blogging to reports, social media, marketing materials and website content. It provides flexibility so you’re not running around each week trying to get it all done and missing opportunities because you weren’t prepared.

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