• Gina G. Scala

Embrace Unusual Places for Business Inspiration

Recently, I broke every rule I have about being consistent with blogging. I’ve let clients slide when I know their busy season is just too demanding but I’ve always striven to stay steady with my own for a few reasons: the biggest – as a reader there is nothing that turns me off quicker than going to a page and seeing the same post I saw the last time I checked. Yes, I understand life happens and sometimes finding the time, and quite frankly, the energy to blog just doesn’t materialize. I’m not scolding anyone who has missed posting a blog in a while…well, other than myself.

If I’m being totally honest, I had the time to write a weekly blog but not the inspiration and that’s a huge factor in my creative process. I hit a brick wall when my friend and mentor suddenly passed away earlier this year. He was – as Meredith Grey likes to say, “my person.” If I wasn’t lobbing ideas at him; he was throwing them at me.

After his death, my writing focus changed from blogging to journaling to deal with the grieving process, and when I finally came up for air this week I realized something had to give. I needed to stop waiting for the lightning bolt of inspiration to strike, and needed to actively look for it elsewhere. And then this happened, I took a favorite class at the gym and a newcomer walked in – talkative but nervous.

Across the board, the advice was the same: do what you can today. You’ll get there eventually. Nothing but positive motivation from strangers who embraced this newcomer. It was inspiring to be a part of and to watch. I’ve seen it happen a million times before but it never occurred to me to take it outside the gym and apply it elsewhere. I normally just think about how I feel after the class (invigorated but exhausted).

I missed the class this week because of my schedule but every day I took the inspiration with me. More importantly, I used it not just with clients and family but with myself. I am still grieving a devastating loss, and learning to carve out a life without a larger-than-life force whose talent always boggled my mind. I am learning to take my time and let my creative inspiration come from the most unlikely of places.