• Gina G. Scala

What Small Biz Can Learn from Mad Men

Can you believe it’s almost a year since Mad Men ended its seven-year run? Never seen it? It’s worth a Netflix binge (or you can watch it at your leisure. I can’t, but give it a try. I watched the fourth season of House of Cards in one day; just saying). You may be surprised how lessons from 1960s advertising apply in our digital world.

I’m going to skip the don’t drink at work lecture and the sexual harassment discussion, but to be fair I grew up (professionally) in the newspaper business where the newsroom was anything but politically correct after being P.C. was beginning to be kind of mandatory. My point: I turned out just fine.

Ok, back to this week’s blog topic.

Like Spotlight, the Oscar-winning movie I mentioned last week, I took writing lessons from Mad Men. Specifically, the lesson I’m talking about is why you should hire a professional writer. If you missed the importance the writers played in Mad Men go back and re-watch the series – in its entirety. Sometimes, the importance of the writers was overlooked. Other times, it was subtle. There were times it was in your face. It all depends on your perspective.

Of course, I see the value of hiring a professional writer; I am one. But for those who’ve either never thought about it or don’t see the value in spending the money, here are five reasons you should hire a professional writer:

  1. Skills – Not good with math? You probably have a bookkeeper or an accountant on staff. Bringing a professional writer on board is no different. For many, our skill set is less tangible than an accountant or an attorney. Our unique view of the world is eye-opening and will recharge not just your business but how you see it, too.

  2. Time – Think about the time it takes you to write, research, edit and post a weekly blog. Imagine what you could be doing with that time? And that leads me to my next point…

  3. Money – Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. This is one of those times.

  4. Ethics – Professional writers embrace fast-paced, deadline-driven environments and thrive on the adrenalin rush that comes with it. It’s part of the fun; give a writer a two-week deadline…well…watch us work and you’ll be amazed. This is almost in direct contrast to the final reason, but hear me out…

  5. Planning – So, not all of us fit the stereotypical scattered-brain, work in chaos image Hollywood likes to paint. And although, we will likely procrastinate, we like planning ahead. It helps shift gears when the unexpected happens.

Interest piqued…just a little? Ok, here are five skills to look for in a professional writer:

  1. Jack of All Trades, Master of None: There are environmental writers, religion writers, political, etc. However, if you like a professional writer who doesn’t have experience in your specific industry, don’t cast him/her aside. You may be cutting off your nose to spite your face. Give them more than a cursory glance, chances are you’ll be glad you did.

  2. Cuts through the BS – We have an uncanny ability to eliminate the information that just isn’t necessary. In a former life, I worked with engineers. They wanted to include everything. It can be done and a good professional writer will know exactly how to accomplish it. Should it be done? Well, that might be a blog somewhere in the future.

  3. Adaptable – I don’t just mean with deadlines. Professional writers, really good ones, can write in a variety of styles, voices and to any audience with ease. Does that mean professional writers who only focus in one industry aren’t good? No. Some of the finest writers I know have been in the same industry for years. It all depends on your perspective.

  4. Deadline-driven – The great thing about professional writers is our ability to juggle multiple things at once; we make multi-tasking efficient. With so many plates in the air, is it any wonder we are deadline driven? Have a current event in your industry that’s trending in every cycle? You want to take advantage of the attention, positive or negative. We know exactly how to do that without missing the window of opportunity.

  5. Think, think, think – I’ve been around writers my entire professional career and most people don’t think like we do. Not only are we critical thinkers, we’re over thinkers but not in the negative way. We seek as much information as we can possibly absorb and then use our words to connect, share and inspire.

Hiring a professional writer will change your business for the better. So, before you dismiss the idea of hiring a professional writer as out-of-hand, call us for your free consultation. We’ll excite you about your business in a way you’ve never been. We’ll surprise you with what we already know, our honesty about what we don’t know and our passion for helping you achieve your business vision.