• Gina G. Scala

Benefits and Tips to Simplify Your Brand's Editorial Process

Staying on top of your editorial content got you beat? You’re not alone. It can happen to the best of us. Instead of treating it like an after-thought, consider it a vital service that will benefit your clients. How do you embrace more work when you already have more than enough?

Custom editorial calendars. That’s the industry secret. Before you shake your head and say what I know you’re thinking: “great, just another chore to take up my time and energy when I have more important things to do.” I know it feels like I am giving you more homework but here me out.

Benefits of an Editorial Calendar

I love editorial calendars, and maybe it’s because I put together a sked or a budget every day, when I was a reporter that using an editorial calendar is second nature. When my editorial calendar isn’t up-to-date I feel off center. My editorial calendar feeds my business workday calendar. I know when I am starting a project (research), when I am writing and when the deadline is. It also helps me keep tabs on status (whether it’s still in draft versus waiting for approval).

Customized editorial calendars allow you to include as much or as little information as necessary for it be effective for you. And by effective, I also mean adaptable. Check out what an editorial calendar can give you:

  1. Peace of mind: When using an editorial calendar, you eliminate last minute. An editorial calendar has the capability to set your content strategy for month, year or however long you want to plan ahead.

  2. Flexibility: Editorial calendars offer you more flexibility. The only thing constricting about them is the way they are viewed by people who don’t want to use them. Unless your content is directly tied to the latest trends you have some room to move.

  3. Focus: What you put in the editorial calendar will evolve from the initial idea into something else. That’s Ok (and sometimes preferable) because it means you are focused on the topic and have some strong opinions. Thus making it more fluid to navigate your way.

  4. Gift of time: All the time you’re worried about wasting by using an editorial calendar….it will give you more free time than you can handle.

Final Thought:

For newbies, the trick to using a custom editorial calendar effectively is to make it part of your everyday routine (like your email) and not something that is expendable. If you have any questions about how to successfully introduce an editorial calendar into your content strategy, drop us a line or call us. We’re happy to help. It’s one of our favorite discussions.