• Gina G. Scala

Copywriting for Your Social Media Audience

To my chagrin, great written content isn’t enough anymore to move people to act and increasingly, content is video-based. I am asking the question: will video kill written content like it did the radio star in the 80s (for those of us old enough to remember the song and video). It won’t for me and I hope it won’t for others.

I love the written word and will ALWAYS read something before I watch a video. In fact, if there’s just a video in my news feed I won’t watch it – I don’t care what platform. It takes me as long to read content as it does for videos to load. And even those click-bait videos we all get sucked into watching, there’s some written content to get us hooked.

Whether your goal is great written content mixed with video or slideshows or podcasts or whatever you like, here’s what you need to know about copywriting for social media.

Step One:

Great content adds value to your clients, customers (yes, there is a difference) and prospects. If your content provides a solution; educates, or entertains, it’s valuable to your target audience. That should be your goal.

Step Two:

Think about what makes you share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…well, you get the point. If you haven’t thought about it, it’s as simple as this: in some way, it moves you. Whether it’s through laughter, tears, anger, the content you share touches an emotional chord and you want to share that with family and friends; co-workers.

Step Three:

For me, customer engagement is like cooking. When you have the method, you can change the ingredients and re-invent the meal a thousand different ways. If you’re making chicken then that’s a must-have ingredient. Great content always includes a call to action but what you pair it with is entirely flexible depending on what you want the result to be. Ask questions to start a discussion or ask for likes/shares if you’re looking to gain more visibility.

And don’t forget, you’re a customer, too. Contribute in discussions on forums you follow. It’s a great way to share your knowledge AND gain visibility for your brand. Be careful, though, not to get bogged down with people who troll to create controversy. You’re not going to win – EVER. You won’t win because they will always keep coming back with something else. Just walk away.

Final Thought:

I am sick of the idea that there’s an award-winning recipe for copywriting on social media or doing anything – for that matter – on social media. Yes, it’s nice to have a set of instructions and ingredients to guide you but sometimes you must burn the meal before you can make it your own; even with a proven recipe.