• Gina G. Scala

How Good is Your Vocabulary?

For Ted (1960-2017)

Growing up, avid readers and crossword-lovers surrounded me. Is it really any wonder I love words as much as I do? I never got into crossword puzzles like my nana, mother, and aunts but I do love a good word game. From Scrabble to Words with Friends and Word Bubbles, it doesn’t matter if words are involved.

We’re introducing a new feature April 1: Word of the Day. In true Jersey-style, we’re doing it our way. We scoured the ends of the internet (that can be kind of scary, by the way) for obscure and even out-of-use words to make this feature more fun, and yes, educational, too! We’re excited to share what we’ve learned and to see how many of you we can best!

For more fun, we’re planning to use the words we learned on family and friends. I see a lot more Scrabble points coming my way. LOL. Lastly, if you have a word you absolutely love but isn’t that common, let us know and will use in the coming months. Who knows maybe we’ll toss a crossword in there down-the-line. Now, that would be fun!

Happy learning!