• Gina G. Scala

7 Small Business Blog Topic Ideas to Keep You Blogging

Coming up with a weekly blog post topic is often what keeps small businesses from consistently blogging, and missing an opportunity to connect with and inspire potential customers and existing clients – regardless if they have an editorial calendar. Sometimes, you just don’t feel a plotted blog topic idea. That’s where I find myself this week and after fighting myself for a few hours this morning I trashed today's topic in favor of this one.

Sometimes, cutting your losses and moving on to another topic is the only answer. It will save you time, money and a level of frustration that only leads to spinning your wheels. For times like that, I like to keep an “evergreen” list of blog topic ideas. Evergreen harkens back to my days in the newspaper industry, and refers to a story that can run anytime. It’s timely because it’s timeless.

If you’re going to toss out a blog topic idea it’s important you replace it with another one. Consistent blogging helps build trust with your audience. That, in return, helps grow your business. Stumped for ideas, here are some topics on my evergreen list:

1. A Day in the Life: Give your audience a behind the scenes look at not just your business but you and your team. People like doing business with people they know. Show them what goes into your product or service for a more personal connection. Focus on what makes your brand unique.

2. Lessons Learned: A big reason you started your business was passion for what you do. What have you learned about you, your industry and from your customers and staff since you started.

3. What Not to Do: We’ve all made some mistakes as small business owners. Share your biggest blunder - to date - and how you rebounded from it. Sometimes, a gaffe is an opportunity in disguise.

4. Staff Picks: Compile a list from your team about what they love about your brand and audience. It works whether you’re a product-based business or a service-based business.

5. Sneak Peak: Give your audience a look at what’s coming down the pike for you and your business. Wally’s, a local restaurant, spent the winter renovating their establishment and about 10 days prior to opening posted a photo challenge for its social media followers to create a buzz. I love this idea!

6. Community Focus: You love your local community. It’s why you there and chose to open a business there. Why not show your audience what makes it so special.? You can break this into a few different posts. I live in a resort community so I have ideas for peak season and off-season on my list.

7. Be honest: Don’t be afraid to have the hard discussions. As a small business owner, you face challenges on a regular basis. Discuss what those challenges are; how you overcome them – if you overcome them – and how it’s impacted your brand as well as your industry. Your audience wants to know how you handle the struggles and where you find inspiration.

Final Thought:

Blog topic ideas posts are a dime a design. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. You know your audience and your local market better than anyone. Share something that will connect and inspire them. In the end, you’ll find it inspires you a well.