• Gina G. Scala

Authenticity Key to Branding Website

Here’s the trouble with being a creative type – at least for me – I am never actually satisfied with the way something is written or designed. Oh, I love it for a little while but inevitably I get bored, or fall out of love with it. Where others are happy a project is complete, I am already looking critically at the finished product to see how it can be improved.

To be honest, it can be exhausting but being a writer isn’t a job you choose it’s a calling and came calling early on for me. I don’t remember a time I wasn’t writing something, and then laying out newspaper pages. Maybe, that’s where this constant need to improve upon our website design and brand for Tabula Rasa – White Paper, Red Pen LLC began. Our name comes from the Latin phrase, blank slate, and that’s where I began when I designed the first version of our website some 18 months ago but I am not the same person I was then.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and made a few tweaks here and there since then. I even contemplated changing the beach image that I believe grounds our brand identity. If memory serves me, I choose the image before I decided on a name. I knew the name had to be as spectacular as the image, which means it had to grab hold of my heart the way the photo did.

Since I can’t move away from the image, I’ve been working to find a way to make it a focal point without stealing the show. Not a lot of people see the significance of a beach scene with a writing service business but the two are so intertwined with who I am at my core…well, it makes sense. I didn’t intend to redesign our website and brand in a weekend; or at all at this poin - though I was contemplating it for end of summer.

This version of Tabula Rasa – White Paper, Red Pen LLC best reflects our personalities, vision, and our brand. Still, I feel I should warn you with a post script that I feel tihis way - for now. As teenagers, my sisters and I were always rearranging the furniture in our bedrooms; a habit we no doubt picked up from our nonna who was forever switching furniture and room locations, too. I think there was also a little boredom involved in my sisters and I rearranging furniture. And a little bit of competition, too.

There was none of that this time with the website redesign. The look is streamlined with more white space, and is the initial vision I had in mind but shied away from because it was too cold. Changing the page background from glaring white to the soft gray warmed it up. Why didn't I think of it before?

My two-cents about building your website or tweaking it or full-out changing it: be authentic to yourself and your brand. There’s a learning curve, for sure, but don’t let someone else’s ideas or Google analytics determine your design if it doesn’t feel right to you or your brand. I love Google; don’t know what I did without it but sometimes I find what I am looking for in the middle of the search page.

Let us know what you think of our new design but don’t wait too long, it just might look different! Enjoy and stay turned for more details about what we changed and why!