• Gina G. Scala

Redesign: How I Made Peace Including a Portfolio Page

Part of redesigning our site included adding a portfolio page, and a rates subpage (it can be found under the portfolio page). I’ve always hedged on including either page because we handle so much work that is proprietary (especially the emergency management work I’ve been blessed to spend the last eight years doing), or ghostwriting – meaning I am writing for another person (mostly other bloggers or small business owners who don’t have the time). While it’s been challenging in attracting new customers, I believe our commitment is to our existing clients.

I finally found a way to include a portfolio that doesn’t feel like selling out – highlighting current public work but let me be clear: it’s only an overview of what goes on behind the computer screens at Tabula Rasa – White Paper, Red Pen LLC. Personally, I’ve been a reporter, and corporate writer for nearly 25 years so the clips are plenty but I don’t believe something I wrote two decades ago is going to be significant to the here and now. However, if you contact us and request a more detailed writing portfolio – again anything that isn’t proprietary – I will gladly provide one.

In my research to see how to handle a writing portfolio page, I was shocked at the audacity of some freelance writers. The hard sale works for some but definitely isn’t something we’re comfortable with here, and we don’t have to because our work speaks for itself. There’s no niche blog machine, or empty promises of SEO-optimized content for pennies. Every original piece of written content produced here is crafted with care, the love of what we do, and the sincere wish to tell our clients’ unique stories to help them stand apart from competitors.

Somewhere in my childhood, there were commercials for Vidal Sassoon shampoo: if you don’t look good we don’t look good. That sentiment applies here. We’re not just developing great content; we’re building relationships based on trust, and the premise that growing a business successfully is a partnership not a dictatorship. There are no musts when you work with us. We share our knowledge but you only implement what you're comfortable doing, or need to do. It’s a relationship that will ebb and flow with the natural course of growing a business.

Check the portfolio page often as we will be updating it frequently – hopefully once a week – and removing content we believe has outlived its usefulness. If you have any questions, please call, or email us.